The things we do for those we love

I’ve never hidden the love for my Lion’s football. True enough they aren’t good but I don’t care. I’m a sucker for the lost and down trodden- at least that’s what I tell myself.  I’m from Michigan. I love Detroit and I love our teams here. From MSU and U of M, to The Pistons, The Wings , The Tigers and The Lions. I’m loyal- win or lose.

Call me stupid, I don’t care. For me, you don’t give up when things go wrong. It can be a good thing or a bad thing but I don’t spend my time worrying about it.

You can imagine my profound disappointment that the DH has never been a Detroit Sports fan. He’s a fan of the Carolina Panthers!  For me this is a head shaking choice dripping in irony that only I understand and I can’t even begin to explain.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about what I’ve chosen to give him for X-mas. It will be a Carolina kind of holiday here. Why? Simple, he’s been there for me for 21 yrs. Through some extremely difficult times when by all accounts he could have high-tailed it out of here and never look back- he didn’t.

He works his ass off everyday and asks for very little in return. SO anytime I get the chance to give him something that will make him happy, I try. He’s not the most expressive guy. No deep, long conversations and things like that. He’s reserved- pretty much the opposite of my social butterfly ways and this  year I wanted to make his holiday a little special by giving in and giving him things he really wants.

I will bring the enemy into my home because it makes him happy and isn’t that what this time of year is all about. I love to make people happy and feel good. Feel important and appreciated. If giving him the black, blue and white panther gear makes him happy then so be it.

I will concede that since they are 13-0, I really hope they finish the season undefeated and win it all. This too would make the DH happy.


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