Star Wars, Karma, Sheldon & Amy


Star Wars….Star Wars…need I really say more! Don’t tell me anything. I’m going with the girls from book club sometime this month. We’re picking a day on Sat during book club.

Sheldon & Amy finally got busy. I have to admit, I never saw this one coming but I totally loved it.

Karma – I have to say that when I heard that little turd who’d jacked up the price of an AIDS drug by 5000% got busted by the feds, I laughed. He is such a toad. The epitome of everything that’s wrong with money and greed, the have and have nots of this country and how far people will sink in order to be rich.

It’s disgusting and I have ZERO respect for any man or woman who is driven by the $ sign. Having said that, it isn’t what drives me and if other people find fulfillment by being greedy P.I.G.S, then so be it. It’s not how I choose to live.

I’d rather have good friends, good food, awesome sex and lots of laughs. Money sure as hell can’t buy you that.

I wasn’t feeling so good about the way I look today. When this happens I force myself to a selfie and just deal with it. I’ve come a long way since 2012 with how I look, how I feel and what makes me happy. I’m thankful everyday for the things that made me what I am today and while there is still much room for improvement, I’m okay with who and what I am now. In fact, I feel a hell of a lot better about how I look then I ever have in my life.

Somethings have changed, some will never change and when you learn to be happy with it all, you know you’re doing all right.








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