Gut Check

I was all ready to post pics of cookies and friends today. I had to take my son to his new job first. We pulled in and I looked over and BAM! a panic attack the likes of which I haven’t had in a few years threatened to spill out with my kid in the car. I managed to hold off until he left and then the tears started. The chest tightened, my breath was knocked out of me and the feeling like I was going to vomit became over whelming. I calmed myself enough that I only had to deal with tears and the sense that in that moment it reminded me that sometimes the universe likes to fuck with me for no apparent reason.

I’m better now. I rode out the wave but having the right frame of mind for writing something fun is gone for today. I’ll mope for a little bit and then suck it up and continue as I have everyday….but Frankly I can do without this shit…so I’m going to head it off by letting the Kid take my car to work and I’ll have someone drop me off at the store. That is the simplest way. He’s only training at this location for a week and then he’ll be back to our side of town.


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