I’m a Lucky Girl!

Let’s start out with the fact that it is going to be 63 degrees, in Michigan on December 23rd…Ummm…YEAH!!!!!!! There are a lot of people bummed about not having snow but since we usually have it every year there is nothing wrong with getting a break from the cold. We still have January, Feb and March still to come.

I have some of the most wonderful customers on the planet. I’ve been given cookies, gloves, socks and gift cards. Another customer made me a beautiful, thick, warm blanket and brought it to me yesterday.

I was completely floored and it was a wonderful surprise. It’s also very humbling that my customers – many who’ve become my friends- have been so kind to me.

It really does make a difference when you treat people with kindness and respect.

On Sunday, myself and my 3 oldest friends (30 yrs +) spent 10 hours baking cookies. We only had one mixer and one oven, cookies sheets on every surface of her kitchen and I loved it.

We laughed so much that my stomach was still sore the next day, I was also EXHAUSTED. But the cookies turned out awesome. We pick cookies that aren’t the usual X-mas fare.

Mint Chocolate chip cookies (Made with cake batter).

Cranberry, White Chocolate, Oatmeal cookies.

A lot of the cookies had to be rolled into balls and as you can imagine 4 , 40 something women in their sexual prime had plenty to say about that.

Cherry stuffed cookie, dipped in handmade Cherry frosting with sprinkles.

Almond ball cookies, dipped in white chocolate and fresh coconut.

Chocolate cookies stuffed with a soft peanut butter filling

Italian wedding cake cookies.

Maple, Walnut fudge and traditional chocolate fudge.

We double every recipe and I was laden with so many cookies that I was able to give them to my neighbors that share the strip mall with me.

I have to admit, I’m completely cookie’d out and have no desire to see or eat anymore of them. But I do love making them and giving them to people.

I was able to put my panic attack into perspective. It was 6;30 in the morning, I was exhausted from cookie day and hadn’t been in the area for almost 3 and half years.

In the end the sense of dread quickly faded throughout the day and by night time I was able to remember the good things. It was a major relief and I now smile at the memories. I have a bad habit of reacting to things on an emotional level versus cutting out any drama that could surround a situation and just enjoy the moment…Hey, I’m human…lol…

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!




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