1rst rant of 2016

I thought for sure that I wouldn’t want to throat punch so many people so soon in the new year but today, I wanted NOTHING more.

You know how the assholes of the world bitch if low income housing moves into their city-and talk about how “poor people ruin the neighborhood.”

Well guess what, when the wealthier, elitist assholes build million dollar homes in a once middle class city they destroy those very cities and honestly I wish they would have stayed where they came from, instead of mucking up the area.

I went to see Star Wars today and was meeting up with some of my girls. The lovely stretch of road I had to use is one I usually avoid at all costs. Ford Rd which is a main rd in the suburbs west of Detroit. It is a fucking nightmare.

Since the city let these monstrosities people refer to as homes, it’s become unbearable to go shopping, see a freaking movie or even go to my dentist. I’m usually very relaxed when I drive but this is what I had to deal with today.

  1. Apparently going the speed limit is optional. I got behind several people who thought it was okay to do 10 miles under the limit as though they had all the time in the world and screw anyone else driving behind them.
  2. It’s okay to put your turn signal on at the last second because all up and down Ford Rd it happened.
  3. Making a left out of a movie theater and wasting 15 minutes for your chance to slide into traffic, narrowly hitting a car you’re trying to beat. Of course driving three hundred feet or so to catch the light so that you can easily make your left turn would be too considerate for them to consider.
  4. Why is it on this road everyone who drives a freaking BMW, Lexus, Range Rovers etc…drive like assholes?
  5. I was almost plowed a couple of times because these jerk-offs just pull out in front of you and never bother looking to see how close you are before they make their turn.
  6. When I see their smug smiles all I can think is “Hmmm…Small Penis?”

I’ve never hid my distaste for people who have money and think the rest of us are beneath them because we aren’t house rich, lease expensive vehicles (some costing more than my mortgage payment) and raise kids who have no clue how 95 % of the rest of us live.

These people could never raise a family on the average median income. Hell, we are above the median and yet will not be able to pay for college for the twins.

The girls and I were talking about this at the movies. Let me preface this by saying that these women are very successful. One is an engineer for Ford. She travels the world, not only for work but for pleasure. She has a nice house but nothing over the top. My other friend, while in a different field does just as well.

When my blood pressure went back to normal, we all ended up laughing about it and kind of feeling sorry for people like I described above.

One of the girls said that she’d rather have less stuff and make memories instead and of course we all agreed. You can always get new things but you can never get back memories you never experienced.

And that puts it all in perspective for me.



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