Who’s your Alpha

All right girls, we do love our Alpha males but what does that mean exactly?

I believe it’s different for every woman. Some even prefer a beta man which is what they like.

The closet thing I’ve seen in real life to an Alpha has to be football players. I’ve been lucky over the years to have to have met not only some Lions players but when arena football was around, I ended up in the same Chicago hotel as a couple of those teams were.

First, let me say these are big men. Big doesn’t seem quite like the right word. Giants maybe?  They made me feel pretty damn small and I liked it. I liked feeling like they could wrap me up and hold me close and secure.

I like their big hands and bigger bodies- especially if those hands are rough from work. I never could stand to be touched by a man with supple hands.

So tell me what is your ideal Alpha?





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