Thankful in the Mitten

Let me say that my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that has been affected by the big snowstorm. When you aren’t used to such weather, it can be really tough to navigate while not panicking. I have family in W.Va and Va and snow isn’t something they really have to deal with a lot – at least not in these amounts. Stay safe!

It goes a little beyond just this particular storm. Over the past year, the weather outside of Michigan has been pretty messed up. From West coast to East coast, killer flooding, tornadoes, 1000 yr storms (which I still find amusing- considering weather hasn’t been tracked that long) So while Michigan has had some harsh winters and some blistering summers, in light of what the rest of the country has been dealing with, we’ve had awesome weather.

Today it’s cold, but not sub-zero and the Sun is out against a beautiful, blue sky. Now the idea of climate deniers that have witnessed the weather over the past year and still insist that nothing is happening in the world are freakin’ delusional.

It’s not all about air pollution though. People have built homes where none should have ever been built. An example is wet lands. Trying to get rid of wetlands is insane. They are not only home to many species of animals but they act as a filter for the water that eventually settles into ground water.

I’ve seen houses built into the mountains in W.VA, Houses built on stilts, undercarriages etc…because the ground isn’t that stable. Really???? You still want to dig into the ground for a pretty view.

The beach erosion in Jersey and along both coasts is insane. We wonder why there are more sharks visible. Earths natural barriers are being stripped away by bigger and bigger construction projects.

The infrastructure in this country is falling apart. Everyone knows about the lead filled water in the city of Flint. Not only are the waterway pipes corroded but some of them are still made of wood- in the year 2016- wood! The people of my state have risen to the occasion and getting tons and tons of water sent to Flint. The DH’s job sent up a U-haul filled and that is happening everywhere.

I used to bitch about the cold winters and the  hot summers, not anymore. I’ll take being surrounded by the Great Lakes and be happy that we are luckier then most. We never run out of green. We go up north when we want to play in a ton of snow. We go to the Great Lakes for the beaches and a ton of smaller lakes dot most every if not all counties in the state.

There’s still a good 8 weeks left to the season and I’m hoping those months will be as kind as the previous ones.


On a lighter note , I will be at H.A.Fortman’s cyber book release party for Guarding Gemini tonight at 11:00 p.m. ET. I’ll be giving away some print books as well as some e-books. I’m going to have a few fun contests to enter and all the giveaways on the page will be open until Midnight on Sunday.

Here the link and come join me tonight-

Take care,



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