Who said boys were easier?

Who ever said teenage boys were easier then girls is freaking crazy…lol. The hormone infused males in my house drive me nuts. 13-18 is definitely the most challenging time for me.

The boys always argued when they were younger, but those arguments turned into fights and screaming matches, complete with bruises and inevitably crying the older they got.

OH. MY. GOD. In my case my boys are 6’3 and 6’4. The size of men but the maturity of someone their age.

In general my kids are really good. I made it through my oldest’s never-ending temper. Trying to get him up for school became painful when he entered high school. It always ended up in an argument. He;s almost 19 and is working full time but there are glimpses of that temper every once in a while and I cringe before I finally tell him to knock it off _I don’t want to hear it.

Now my youngest son (15 going on 25) is following in his brothers footsteps. Every morning is a never-ending fight to get him out of the bed. I’ve tried every way possible, from being really gentle to having to yell. He drags himself out of bed just in time to leave and is such a grumpy ass. He doesn’t want anyone to talk to him and of course everything sucks. Everyone is stupid, they hated their life and their family.

This morning when I was talking about their sweet 16 this spring, I asked them if they wanted to have their friends over for a bonfire. My daughter was all for it, but the boy said “Nope, our house sucks and our yard sucks.” To which I told him he didn’t have to join in.

Sometimes I think I coddled them too much as little ones. No, they weren’t given everything under the sun and yes I have a tiny house with only one bathroom but I’m not embarrassed about my home. Love grows best in a small home (One of my customers told me that.)

While I only have 2 yrs left to get them off to school, make their lunches etc…Every year gets harder.

When they start dating is the worst. The drama surrounding the girls they are with is another thing that drives me up the wall. I’ve always encouraged my kids to not get serious with anyone when they are so young. GO to school, get a job, buy your own home and depend on NO one else for the things you want in life.

I’ve learned to take a huge step back though. When they fought, I didn’t step in unless one of them was getting hurt. Kids need to learn to solve their issues with their siblings without mom and dad stepping in every time.

But, at this point I’m so freaking over it….lol. The year I turn 50 my twins will be starting college and frankly I’m counting down the days. I long to sleep in until 7:00. It will be nice to go places and do things without dragging them with us. When they get to this age they hate going to places they consider boring. They mumble and bitch and say they are bored.

The one thing I won’t deal with is the mouth. They know better than to push me too far by being sarcastic and popping out with the cuss words when talking to me. Sorry- but you are a child and if you think that I will deal with a constant barrage of mouthy conversations- at this point they know when to stop (usually when I drop the F-bomb, they know I’m serious.)

No matter how big my boys are, they understand mom will not back down. You can’t let them talk to you anyway they choose.

I love them and would die without them but days like today I’m drained before my day has started.

I take a deep breath and realize I only have 2 yrs left….lol.. I’ll miss them when they are gone, I’m going to enjoy my freedom, free time and peace and quiet in over 21 years and I look forward to what life brings them-that and of course eventually grandbabies…lol.




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