Life is a Highway

I love that song. Many, many years ago I listened to it over and over again. My friends and I would belt it out when it came on the radio. It was a feel good song. There have been several songs like that. I don’t think I will ever get enough music in my life.

I’m learning that bad memories will fade – if you let them. Instead I concentrate on all the good memories I have about people, places & things. What I used to go to as inspiration, I’m using again. Concentrating on all the wonderful things and using that as my muse. When you try to put the shit things in life behind you, it makes room in your heart and soul for all the good ones. As each day passes, I’ve learned to throw out the bad, negative & hurtful things I’ve done or that may have been done to me. Appreciate every good moment I’ve ever had. And without trying to sound arrogant, I know what my greatest strengths are in all areas of my life and will strive to remember them when I get stressed or hormonal…lol.

I’ve sat with my laptop and have begun just that. Using all the good, the muses who helped fuel my fire and writing without apologies and will continue to do so, probably forever. Yes, forgetting the bad helps, but remembering the sweet is doing infinitely more for me then anything else I’ve tried. At this point in my life,  I’m no longer curbing my thoughts & feelings because they are MINE and mine alone. I no longer say the words Never and Forever in my life because nothing is guaranteed -nothing and I don’t want to make a liar out of myself.

Now on to the music…


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