Music to wake up to!!!!!!!!

Working open to close, 6 days a week for the last few weeks is kicking my ass. I’m up at 5 every morning to take the kid to work (he will be getting a car soon…damn I hope!) come back get the twins up for school -which generally takes 30 minutes with some whining and complaining by one of them before we get out the door. Back home to do a load of laundry, clean and get ready to come to work.

This isn’t meant as a complaint in any way. I’m very grateful for what I’ve worked for and have. I’m usually good for a while and then I wake up and want nothing more than to disappear by myself for a weekend in the sun and the beach complete with a hot cabana dude who provides a little eye candy ( and no I’m not wanting him in the carnal sense….just something nice to look at….LOL)

Since that isn’t happening, I go to my playlists and find something loud and fun to listen to.

My picks for today are:


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