Bringing Drama To My House!

Last night, I was woken from a sound sleep by banging on my front door. At first I thought it was my son and figured he’d forgotten his key. Another loud set of banging continued and I got up. My foot turned when I took the first step and down I went on my hip. Hurts like hell when you do that on a wood floor.

I opened the door to find a teenage girl cussing and yelling about my son. Stupid freaking DRAMA and she brought it to my fucking HOUSE!!!! I won’t bore you with the B.S of the situation except to say this started with my son’s girlfriend’s EX and his friends.

Drama is drama and teenagers are so full of it but the big mistake made here was that this stranger showed up at my door. I went outside and told the little chickie that if she had something to say she’d better roll back the attitude and watch her mouth. Of course she stood there bouncing back and forth on her legs like she was going to do something. I cut her off and told her that if there was an issue with my son then she needed to take it to the police – He’s an adult now.

Little bad ass that she thought she was, when she realized she wasn’t going to get me all bent out of shape with my kid, she moved on back to her car, threatening my house. At which point I stalked toward her car – I mean you DON’T come to My home with this shit. As soon as I moved off the porch she hopped her ass in her car and took off. Halfway down the street, she put her windows down and her and her friend started screaming.

All I can really say about this is, it must have been meant to be that I fell and now have a really fucked up foot and hip. Swollen , bruised and in so much pain. All I can do at this point is ice it ( I have a 12 hour day today at work), because I was seconds away from grabbing the little bitch by the pony tail and dragging her out into the street. I haven’t been that angry in years.

Threatening my home/kids sets me off in scary ways and I will act on it before I think about the repercussions. It kills me that strangers will go up against some they don’t know and have no clue what they will do to them if they cross that line. It was like a switch was flipped on the second she opened her mouth and only got worse as she continued to run it. It only last a couple of minutes and when she realized that I wasn’t going to deal or be afraid of a little girl, she backed off and like most weak-assed people who try to start shit. She ran to her car and took off being a bad ass while driving away.

Anyone can be a bad-ass behind a keyboard or on the phone but you better be able to back your shit up if you show up at my house or mess with my babies.

The funny part about this is that 95% of idiots who threaten shit like this have never been in a fight in their life. 20 years ago, she would have been on the ground begging me to stop punching her in the face (yeah I don’t fight like a girl….lol) With maturity and time we learn how to deal with things a in different way but if you push someone on the wrong day, you will regret being so fucking stupid.

All this drama started on Twitter!! One of the advances in technology that has dumbed down America and added fuel to the fire on teenage angst.



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