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I’ve made the mistake of over sharing. Talking about really personal issues and feelings. Most of the time I really don’t think about how it will appear to people reading my blog, but since my goal over the last few years is to be positive, it goes against that when I write about things that annoy me, make me angry etc…

I’m taking a break from issuing my personal edicts about things in my life- with the exception of my writing, books, music and my store. I’ve seen way too many people getting vilified for their opinions.

It’s a bit confusing that so many are strong in what they say and then are pissed when  those who disagree can turn into tit for tat ugliness online. Free speech comes with the possibility of catching hell. It’s hypocritical to wave the banner of free speech and when you’re confronted with opposition you cry that rights are being infringed upon. Some don’t repsect opposite opinons and it’s foolish to try and change how others feel- also a little arrogant.

I will stand with anyone in their right to speak their mind, unfortunately the fallout is messy and ugly and a lot of times brings out the worst in us. The internet is a cruel mistress and I’d rather believe in the good of people than in the worst.

I’ll be focusing on the things I love, the people who make life happy, and the music that fills me with story ideas.



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