30 days

I’m turning off facebook for 30 days. No posts, no likes and no memes. I’m not reading updates, status’ , anything. I’m burnt out. Political posts, bitchiness, downers, and crazy reminders of the past have reached a point where I have to check out for a time.

It hasn’t been 1 thing but a pile of things that keep mounting and I need it to go away for a while.

Reading, writing, the store, my friends and the kiddies are on the agenda for the next 30 days. I’ll still go online. Gotta check the email and have to do research but other than that I need to clear some shit out of my head.

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a nurse (I tell her everything) about a couple of things that I’m unable to get past and haven’t been able to think upon them differently.

She told me that I probably won’t ever because I’m not wired that way. Once in a while something becomes so ingrained in you that it will live permanently in your heart, mind or soul. Accepting it instead of fighting it will be better for my psyche and take the pressure off of me to try to think differently.

It was a difficult thing to hear but it’s true. Why fight it? Just go with it and it will either resolve itself in time (like I really need it to continue for the rest of my life….UGH! ) or it will always be a part of who I am.

That’s it. There is no magic pill to take the less than happy things out of your life. 30 days that’s what I’m taking to step back and work on the things I can, things I love and enjoy.

I admit that FB is very addicting but it can also be a huge source for misunderstanding, hurt feelings etc….and that takes away from all the wonderful things I experience daily. I’ll be blogging again but now I want to talk about the struggles of writing when you’ve been empty of words for 3 yrs running.

Wish me luck!!!!!


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