About Sierra

Hi and welcome to the world of  Sierra Summers. First the basics. I’m a married mom of three teenagers and two very spoiled dogs. I live in the great state of Michigan, in the Metro-Detroit area.

Being able to write is a dream come true and I feel very lucky to be able to do something I love. I am grateful to every single person who has ever purchased one of my books. There is nothing like being able to live your dream. I write for the awesome Ellora’s Cave and have moved into the self publishing realm. I love to hear from readers so feel free to drop me a line at sierrasummers68@yahoo.com or comment here.

I’ve recently purchased a great independent bookstore in Westland Michigan. I do have a page on FB where I make announcements and hope to add a few different things through the year. Feel free to go to the page- Paperbacks & Things and like us. It’s another dream come true for me and I’ve been welcomes with open arms by the regular customers as well as attracting new ones everyday.

You can reach me at my store at 734-522-8018.

In my blog I talk about a variety of things.  As quickly has a writers mind works there is usually plenty to say. So I try to talk about what influences me, Hot males who inspire with their beauty. I talk about music-next to reading music is my favorite thing, so I’ll throw up stuff about what i like etc… I talk about things that have happened to me over the years, things that shape a person or things that have generally been on my mind and I need to get out. By no means do I mean to single out anyone person or group. These are just my experiences and feelings about my life in general, things going on around me or questions I like to pose. A writer’s mind is a terrible thing to waste…lol…and this is just a glimpse into my small world.





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