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For the first time in a couple of years, I’ve actually finished a book from beginning to end. I’d gotten out of the habit of reading for the sheer pleasure of it. I wasn’t in the right head space for romance of any kind. I would read part of one and put it down. Nothing really interested me or kept my attention for long.

Today one more thing that I had lost has come back to me and I’m one happy girl.

I read 1001 Dark Nights – Azagoth – A Demonica Novella by Larissa Ione


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“Even in the fathomless depths of the underworld and the bleak chambers of a damaged heart, the bonds of love can heal…or destroy.

He holds the ability to annihilate souls in the palm of his hand. He commands the respect of the most dangerous of demons and the most powerful of angels. He can seduce and dominate any female he wants with a mere look. But for all Azagoth’s power, he’s bound by shackles of his own making, and only an angel with a secret holds the key to his release.

She’s an angel with the extraordinary ability to travel through time and space. An angel with a tormented past she can’t escape. And when Lilliana is sent to Azagoth’s underworld realm, she finds that her past isn’t all she can’t escape. For the irresistibly sexy fallen angel known as Azagoth is also known as the Grim Reaper, and when he claims a soul, it’s forever.”

This may have been a novella but it was packed with enough emotion to make me feel it. I loved both Azagoth & Lilli. He’s so deliciously dark and in command of everything around him. She doesn’t take anything from him.
The back and forth between them made me laugh as I could imagine Lilli going toe to toe with Azagoth.
It’s hard to write such rich characters in a small book but Larissa has done just that. I cared about both the characters and was satisfied with the ending.
The sex is hot, hot, hot. The chemistry between this couple burned the pages, had my temperature rising and fanning myself.
1001 Dark Nights is a fun series of novella’s from some of the best authors today.
 Even though this takes place in the Demonica series and there are some references to other characters this can still be read as a stand alone.
Note: I’m only going to be putting up a positive reviews on the page. There are plenty of negative reviews out in cyberspace. I prefer why I should read a certain book versus how much one sucks.