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I’m so ready for spring! I hate being cooped up in the house. There’s nothing better when you’re feeling blah then a hot man and good music. Enjoy!



Those Dirty, Dirty Blonde’s

images  We’ve all read books featuring the tall, dark and handsome hero. It’s been drilled into us since we were children. The knight that would come and sweep us off our feet and make the world a beautiful place. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy tall, dark and handsome.

I thought for a nice change of pace, I’d put up a dedication to those dirty blondes that make us go crazy. Whether died or natural, there’s nothing better than a scruffy, blonde. My best and sweetest relationships have always been with blondes. I think it’s because I’m the opposite of them with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes. I even tried to be blonde a few times and it just wasn’t me, plus keeping up the dye job was too much.

So for your viewing pleasure here are a few of the hottest men in the world. I threw in a ginger because I’m sort partial to them.



Blonde 1Blonde 2BradimagesCHarlieJensenMartinPaulRedVikings


Inspriration…I sure do love all things male!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Martin         Jimmy Here                 Via Andrea Boykin Vikings (tv-series) Vikings Promo • Ragnar LothbrokBerserker Game of thrones TV series Khal HD Wallpaperlord of the rings Pictures, Photos & Images

Vikings (tv-series) =VIKINGS=

In case there is any explanation needed, I’ll keep it short- Coldplay, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Originals, Supernatural, Vikings (Oh yes!),Game of Thrones,and Lord of the Rings…I’ll let you discover these beautiful men all on your own…but they are a wonderful source of inspiration and great examples of near perfection.

30 Seconds to Mars

On April 16th my writing partner and I are going to see 30 Seconds to Mars. Who are they some of you may ask? They are a band consisting on Jared & Shannon Leto as well as Tomo Miličević.

The reason I’m so damn excited is simple. I listen to music when I write. It helps to produce a certain mood, or is in sync with particular characters. While writing the first six books or so I listened to this band almost non-stop. As a writer I wish I had the words to convey why exactly this music spoke to me in the way that it did but I’ll try.

Its raw, that’s the first adjective that I come up with. To me its bare bones, soul deep and in some instances ethereal. For me music has always been in my life. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t listening or singing badly to the radio. For me melody, tempo and lyrics have a way of burrowing itself within me and like millions of other music lovers I can’t seem to get enough.

Thier videos are visually stunning and growing up when MTV first appeared on cable I was hooked to that visual medium. With MTV becoming nothing more than a channel for wacked out, self-absorbed reality wannabe’s I discovered other places that I could find video’s.  I saw From Yesterday by these men and my jaw dropped. The song was powerful the images a feast for the eyes made me look up every single thing this band had performed before.

I missed them the last two times they’d made it to Detroit and was completely pissed. As a 42 yr old woman we aren’t supposed to get all worked up over musicians or music. As a child of the eighties though that love for the art of music never left me.

So determined not to miss them again I dipped into my credit and bought a v.i.p package to a venue I love to see live music at. Seeing this show alone was worth the cost. I hope artists know the influence or inspiration they can provide to other artists.

I have many more music artists that provide me with inspiration and I think I may have to add a new category for them and the characters/books they have had a tiny hand in.

So like a 14 yr old girl embarking on her first show I will be in the balcony V.I.P section at the Filmore in Detroit screaming and singing until my throat is raw and voice is hoarse the moment they step up on the stage until the last note is sung.

You can find the Video Hurricane on YouTube Please note this video has a heavily based BDSM theme and may contain images that some may find disturbing. Click at your own risk. The reason I loved this video is simple…..More than half of our books are BDSM themed ones and seeing this was like a cosmic nod to us that we indeed got inspiration was the right source.

I highly recommend that you look up their songs you never know where you may discover your inspiration.

Bobby Flay

For those that know me they know I HATE to cook. I suck at it. I find nothing relaxing about it. I take no enjoyment standing at the stove to stir, slice, chop. fry or dice. I took a four ingredient apple pie recipe and screwed it up (Leaving out the butter).  I tried following recipes on several occasions trying to improve my wifely skills and is was nothing short of a disaster.

So imagine my surprise when my 10 year old son introduced me to Bobby Flay who is all over the Food Network. This brilliant New Yorker drew me in. I dvr every show he’s on and watch them over and over again.

He’s certainly doesn’t possess movie star looks. In fact he is pretty average but there is something in his face. The occasional smiles, the glint in his blues eyes and a laugh that makes me smile. Maybe its his passion for food or his spicy secret sauces that drive me crazy. I’m not quite sure, but I do know that where ever he goes woman all over feel the same.

What is it about a man who can cook a meal with such flair an creativity. Does it call to the artist in me or is it simply a matter of him being a brilliant chef and me sucking at trying to make pie that has given me this obsession.

I’m not sure and I really don’t care. All I know is that I watch Bobby everyday and obsess over every remark, every facial expression and think to myself I totally need to write a story with a hot ass Iron Chef…..oooh what fun………

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