Sneak Peak

Yeah, I’m fiddling around with some W.i.P’s. I’m throwing up a prologue to something new I’m working on. This isn’t edited and my grammar generally sucks.

Working title- Lassiter –


“It’s been over a year. Time to have some wine and bury the whole mess.” Tina said as she filled two glasses.
Jody didn’t really like wine but it was better than nothing. Today had been the last straw, the icing on the cake or whatever other stupid saying you could think of.
She’d found Sam on a social media site and was devastated by what she learned about her cheating ex.
She sniffled and tried to shut the images out. “I know. My head always tells me to cut it the hell out but my heart, it won’t let go.”

“Pft…” Tina said. Her best friend wasn’t exactly subtle about her opinions, especially where Sam was concerned. “No one is worth what you’ve put yourself through. He didn’t give a shit and you need to accept that fact. He forgot about you the minute his dick got hard for someone else.”

“What can I say, I’m having a little trouble letting go.” That was the understatement of the century.

“A little trouble. You’re obsessed. You did some really stupid things to yourself and completely lost your way. Over a man!”

Jody took a big gulp of wine. The strong red burned as it hit her empty belly. She was already feeling a little sick as she remembered some of her behavior.
“I never felt that way before…ever. He told me I could trust him and I believed him.” Her cheeks heated as memories both happy and humiliating flooded her mind.
“Sweetie, I don’t know if he was playing a good game or meant it at the time but that time ended. Period. You deserve to be happy.”
“The idea of putting myself out there makes me want to vomit. I’m just not feeling it.”
Tina put her arm around Jody. “You were both horrible to each other. I’ve never seen two people more determined to torture each other in my life. At this point it doesn’t matter what he did or how he did it, just like it doesn’t matter that he said he loved you. You knew his insecurities and how he wanted to live. You know damn well that wasn’t going to happen with you.”
Damn, the thought still stung – not good enough. Whenever she thought that, her stomach would clench and she felt ashamed. Ashamed at where she was in life. Ashamed that she didn’t have enough. Ashamed with how she behaved after the break-up and the shit storm that followed.
In the end, it didn’t change anything. He’d moved on and now it was her turn. It didn’t make the pain go away but Jody hoped it would dwindle to nothing more than a twinge.
She emptied her wine glass and slid it on the table. “You’re right and starting right now, I’m done. If I ever say the name Sam again, feel free to slap me.”
“That’s better. Now let’s get drunk.”



After what has felt like forever, I finally finished my edits on Egyptian Touch and sent them back to my editor. It’s such a huge relief to finally get over my last hurdle and that is to publish a new book. I really thought my days of writing were gone but I was wrong.

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong before. I’ve been able to prove to myself that I can write. My stories are worth reading and no matter what happens in my life, my writing will always be in me. It was one of the things I was meant to do in my life. If you’ve never written before it might be hard to understand what it’s like to have all your words locked up in your head refusing to come out and play nice.

Egyptian Touch felt like a never ending manuscript, doomed to never see the light of day. As writers we know that once you get over whatever has frozen your words, and let them flow you can do awesome things.

I’ve been reading a lot of writing advice from people like Stephen King, Anne Rice, Hemmingway, Fitzgerald and others and it’s finally taken root.

2015- An Awesome Start!!!!

   So much has happened so far this year and it’s been good. To start, this is the bookstore I now own. My daughter snapped the picture of me, so I look like I’m frowning but don’t be fooled, I’m deliriously happy. The kind of happy you feel when you pay off your mortgage or when you get to see Karma at work- it is a sweet feeling and I look forward to the rest of the year.

2015-03-08 13.08.22 2015-03-06 09.58.48 2015-03-08 13.03.47 2015-03-08 13.09.22 2015-03-08 13.09.52 2015-03-08 13.10.04 2015-03-08 13.10.27 2015-03-08 13.10.46  I’ve done a lot of work, rearranging things and still have a way to go but it’s worth working everyday and I mean everyday in order to make things easier for customers. There are some exciting things coming this year. Author signings, starting up the monthly book club.  To cap things off, I’m in my final edits for Egyptian Touch, which will be released by Ellora’s Cave.

VJ and I were invited to submit 2 stories to another publisher and then work on our newest series, which I think we may self-publish. Though we haven’t decided yet if we’re going to do that or submit to another publisher we’ve been looking at.

I’ve waited for things to look up and here they are. Once I stopped focusing on the negative, everything good started happening.

There has been a couple of times I wanted to write a blistering blog but decided against it. Why bother bitching and moaning when things are going better than I ever imagined? Beyond the store and the writing, I’ve lost 13 pounds. I have 13 more to go and I’m determined to take care of the rest over the next couple of months.

Karma is taking care of things for me. Like a person who brought all kinds of negativity is now fat and dumpy or how someone who has jumped from the frying pan and into the fire. You can see the “Oh fuck, what have I done.” in their eyes while they hide behind a fake smile. Desperation surrounding them. I’ve always thought I would revel in that but instead I find myself filled with compassion at their plight.

I’ve finally reached the point where nothing bad that comes my way will ever take me back to that dark place and I’m so grateful for what I’ve been given. Everyone needs a purpose, some fake their way through things, not because they really want it but because it provides the perfect distraction from their unhappiness.

I truly understand that Karma will get her due and you always have to pay for the hurt and pain you cause another. I feel as though Karma has extracted her payment for the things I’ve done over the past few years and now I get to enjoy what I love. Working for myself and writing like mad.

In this moment, I have peace and purpose not because I have obligations but because I’m doing what I love and that is the best gift the universe could give me.



A Taste of Haven


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   A Taste of Haven By Sierra Summers

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Haven Smith is a shifter who has never shifted. She spends her evenings protecting women and children from the men who would hurt them. She likes her solitary life just fine, until one night she meets a man who changes her world forever. Adam is determined to take Haven to meet the family she doesn’t remember and show her that she deserves love—his love.
“Do you always ask strangers to walk you home?” His smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. If she wasn’t a little tipsy she might have sworn she saw concern burning in his steely gaze. This was preposterous. This man didn’t know her at all, but she liked the look of him. She liked the way he looked at her even better. He’d come to her defense last night yet hadn’t taken advantage of that fact. Hell, he hadn’t even admitted he was there. Truthfully, everything about him was a total turn on, from the top of his light brown hair to the bottom of his shoes.

No one besides Harry and Fatima ever looked after her. She’d forbade Fatima to worry about her and since her friend knew what she was, it was easy enough for her to be more concerned with the females Haven brought into the shelter.

Leaning her chin on her hand, she reached out, touching the soft cotton of his shirt. “Actually I don’t. I guess you’re just lucky this evening.” He didn’t respond to her touch, nor was he smiling anymore. “Hey, forget it.” Haven hopped off the stool. “If you’re not interested I can deal with it.”

She beat it out of the bar, her face burning. What the hell was I thinking? The truth was, she’d never propositioned a man before and apparently she sucked at it. She headed out the door but didn’t make it two feet before she was caught from behind. She automatically swung her arm up, trying to break contact, but the grip on her remained firm.

Swinging her head around Haven sucked in a breath as she came face to face with Adam. He slowly backed her into a light post. “I never gave you an answer. You can’t make that kind of offer to a man and then disappear into the night.”

Haven was momentarily knocked off kilter; she’d been unable to break his hold on her. Her mind was telling her to take a step back but her body was not listening to anything other than the erratic beat of her heart.

Adam’s thumb rose and stroked her chin, a small gesture that made her practically pant. Her hands curled around his biceps, squeezing hard. His muscles were rock hard and felt impenetrable. She gave an involuntary shiver when his thumb crossed her bottom lip in a feather-light caress.

“Your eyes are incredible.” She totally was out of her element. The deep timbre of his voice slid down her body and made her shiver. Her wolf was whining inside her. It wanted to bed this man in the worst kind of way and was losing patience.

He moved in closer and she met him halfway. His head lowered as he gave her the barest kiss along her lips. In that instant the dam broke and Haven buried her hand in his hair. His mouth came back down and crushed hers. She actually whined when his silky strands tickled her fingers. She gripped his hair tight in her fingers. It was as soft as she’d imagined and felt so good sliding through her hands.

His hands came around to cup her behind; his fingers dug deeply in her rounded ass. His tongue breathed new life into her. It was slick and moist and drew noises from her she’d never known she possessed.

Suddenly he yanked her up by her arms. “Wrap your legs around me and tell me where the hell your place is.”

Haven held onto his shoulders and jumped up, her steel-toed boots locked behind his back. “One block south, first building on the right.” His lips never left hers as he walked quickly to where she’d directed. His strength bled through her, and he was strong. Haven wasn’t a lightweight by any stretch of the imagination but Adam carried her as though she weighed no more than a feather.

“Christ I never would have guessed you tasted this good.” He whispered

Sound Track for my new novel.

I haven’t made a specific soundtrack for any books since 2008. I always listen to music but back then I had certain artists/albums that were playing in the background, especially for The Worthington’s. Going through my music I found an album that spoke to me and to the story I’m working on. Kane and Josie are the protagonists in my new w.i.p. So I thought I’d share some of the songs from the cd title Amarylis. Scene after scene popped into my mind every time I listen to it.

These particular songs fit my characters as they deal with loss, mistrust, dark pasts and finally falling for each other.

It’s a new dawn…it’s a new day…it’s a new life…

     I love that song. I think it’s a wonderful reminder that each day is new and we have the opportunity to improve ourselves and our lives. As a writer this is especially important. It’s easy to let your past define your present. To feel like an epic failure when you don’t release any new books for such a long period of time. I’ve had an easier time blogging than opening up one of my files and write. My biggest mistake is that I’ve allowed other people to call into question my writing skills. We can either let their words cripple us, see it as a challenge or we can put it out of our heads completely.

I choose the latter because in the end, it’s what I love to do and those who know nothing about writing have no idea what they’re talking about. I’m not referring to reviews and reviewers. I’ve never taken offense to their criticism. I let those who wanted nothing more than to tear me apart, made me second guess everything about my ability to write a good story. But one day you will wake up and say “What the fuck? What a joke.” and you find that there isn’t anything that anyone can say about story telling if you just let it go.

January 1rst I woke up and instead of thinking “Oh shit here we go again.” I looked forward to what the day would bring. Experiencing the kind of freedom I hadn’t felt in a very long time. We can easily let negativity wrap itself around of us, choking us until we give up and let the pain eat away at who we are. Or we can shake it off and move forward.

    I’ve learned to appreciate all the things in my life, big or small and to put things in perspective. Accepting the world for what it is not trying to force it to be what I want it to be. I’m responsible for what I do and how I do it. I don’t want to be the cause of anyone else’s pain anymore. Whatever you put out into the universe comes back to you tenfold. Even in science there’s a reaction for every action. I’ve been paid back enough though and have stepped back into the light.

In celebration of all I’ve learned, my writing partner and I will be releasing a new novella, Wright in Flight this month. I’m not sure of the exact date but it will be out soon.

   Wright in Flight is a story about a fairy and the human she falls for. We’ve taken character’s from ” A Midsummer’s Night Dream.” Oberon and Puck included. It’s a humorous, light-hearted, little romp, something that’s a real departure for us.

I’m still plugging away at my new series and hope that it will be finished by the end of the month. I’m excited about this new series and can’t wait to get it done.

I’ve also set up my reading goals for the month. 4 books a month at the minimum. I read pretty fast so I might be able to push it to 8 this month and throw in a couple of novellas. When you write it’s so important to read books. It helps you know what readers are into and for me it keeps me motivated. There are so many excellent writers and I think we authors look up to those who have the gift of telling a great story.

   J.R Ward is one of my favorite writers. Her Blackdagger Brotherhood series is exceptional. It’s dark, emotionally charged and they stay with you long after you’ve finished reading them. Her hero’s are imperfect and damaged. I love how the women they love accept them for who they are and I like the fact that they continue to be haunted by their long lives. Love can conquer many things but there are somethings that can never be forgotten. It makes the characters so complex and watching them go through unimaginable tragedy and pain has brought me to tears more than once. So what’s the pay off? It’s that these deeply flawed men discover the parts of themselves that are good and their love is unconditional. The power of friendship these men have for each other and the love they feel for their mates is very powerful. J.R. has done an amazing job with all the elements and when I grow up I’d love to be like her. With her ability to get across the page everything my characters are feeling. I want to paint a rich tapestry of the realities of the world I write.


Closing out 2014

          2 days left before 2014 is behind us. This is the first time in many years that I’m looking forward to starting a new year. So many wonderful things have happened over this year and I’ve learned so much about myself. I was finally able to pull myself out of the pity party I was having and living for today. My personal life has finally come full circle and I’m enjoying time spent with those I love. I’ve removed those who were toxic from my life and have allowed others back in.

Adding to all the positives has been the weather in Michigan. Yeah, it’s starting to get cold but there’s been no snow (it’s coming I know but hey I’ll take it). The best thing by far has been all the sunny days we’ve had. The worst thing about winter here is the dark and dreary days that bleed together as days turn to months. This Leo is thrilled and grateful for everyday of sunshine we get and I always make sure to spend some time outside, enjoying the large, yellow orb in the sky. I love the summers here and have no problems with the heat unless it’s really humid out. I could never live in Florida or Georgia just because of the humidity. Even if I lived close to the water there’s nothing quite as oppressive as hot, humid days. But luckily we don’t suffer too much from that. Some years have been worse but all in all I can’t complain.

My writing has exploded over the past three months and I’m so excited about the coming year and what I’m working on. I’m going to experiment a little with some of my stories.

1. I’m delving into Urban fantasy. Yes, there will be some romantic element to the stories but I’m focusing more on the action and world building aspect and the romance will be more of a sub plot. My dystopian re-telling of King Arthur will fit nicely into this category.

2. I also have a new series I’m working on that I thought would be my urban fantasy but the more I’ve written the more it’s become clear that the romance is just as important as the other elements of the story. How erotic I’m going to make it remains to be seen. But I’m really excited about it.

3. I have a new werewolf series I’ve been working on as well. I haven’t published anything new since March but I have been writing.

4. I’m also working on the 4th Alexander Wolves book- Nolan’s Dark Sacrifice. I’ve had a lot of readers ask me about that book and it’s been started.

5. I would like to revisit Club BBW. I deleted Silky Sweet which told the owner of the clubs story. For my own personal reasons I killed the story and want to re-write it with a new hero that is a better match for my girl.

6. Finally VJ and I will have something from the world of Club Velvet Ice, hopefully more but I don’t know what or when that will be.

I’ve set these specific goals because it’s time. Taking the year off was what I needed to do. I didn’t like it. Didn’t like feeling like I was paralyzed but it helped me to really come to terms with what is important, who is important and where my place in the world is. Profound? No, millions of people go through the same thing all the time and as we all know you can’t tell anyone, anything they don’t want to know. They have to learn it on their own and that includes me. It was the end of my time being on the outside looking in. I’ve reached a place where I can say that I’m really, really happy. It’s reflected in the way I take care of myself and my family. In my writing and my belief in love and romance. In the joy I find I have more often than not. I’ve learned to turn off the negative shit and not obsess about it on bad days. I’ve found my compassion again and hope it is with me always.

The beginning of this is going to be a test for sure. My mother is very ill and we aren’t sure what is going to happen with her but I have to hope that things will improve. Wasting time thinking about the worst doesn’t help her and only stresses me out and my dad needs me to help facilitate things for them.

At the same time my son is having MAJOR reconstructive surgery on his foot. My job there will be to take care of him. Make sure his schoolwork is kept up. At this point it looks like he’ll be out of school for about a month or at least until he’s able to get around without a wheelchair or walker. His high school is 3 stories and the elevator has a sketchy history of breaking down. Between the DH and I though we’ll be able to help him through the surgery, recovery and physical therapy. Of course I’m scared as hell but I have faith in his surgeon, he’s one of the best in Mi.

When January is in the mirror, the stress should again die down until the next time.

I’m re-reading series as well. The first is the Christine Feehan, Carpathian novels. 25 in all so far. I stopped reading them after 12 of them so I have plenty more of them to go. I love her writing and am so glad I’m doing this.

So I say adios to 2014. Goodbye to the struggles I used to have. Goodbye to all the negative, self-doubt and worry. I’m looking forward to continuing what I started this year and want nothing more than to make each and every day better than the day before. I’ve  EXISTED for such a long time and have finally been able to be a participant in life once again. Don’t get me wrong. I still won’t be taking any shit from anyone but I also won’t be wasting my time on people,places and things that don’t make me happy and bring nothing but all the bad feelings you can have when you think about them. I didn’t wake up one day and poof, my world was right again. It was a gradual thing, like removing one brick at a time from the wall that’s standing in my way. A continual work in progress that’s working so far.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the New Year celebrations. Please, please don’t drink and drive. I don’t really ever drink, in fact I can’t remember the last time I did and I don’t have anything against it. BUT if you make the stupid ass decision to get behind the wheel after a couple of drinks you’re being selfish and reckless. There are plenty of places that will be offering rides for those who are too drunk to drive. AAA has a program for the New Year’s Eve. Take advantage of all the services out there while you enjoy your holiday. Drunk driving is something that I’m passionate about and those who know me, know they only have to call- at anytime- and I will pick them up. If you’re not a drinker, offer yourself to your friends who may need the help.

          Take care of yourselves and I hope that you all have a spectacular New Year!

All my love,