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A Wolf's Hunger A Wolf’s Hunger- The Timber Wolves

Lara has worked for Dane Timber on his ranch for over a month and the gorgeous werewolf is hot enough to make her forget everything and wonder what it’d be like to have him in her bed. When her ex starts harassing her, Dane suggests that she move in with him.
It was a perfect idea. Living with him would give her a sense of security and her ex couldn’t bother her while she was under Dane’s protection. What she dreamed about every night was that Dane wanted her-every curvy inch of her. Could the hottest guy in Mason County be attracted to a plump woman like her?.

When Dane hears about his housekeepers ex boyfriend harassing her, he’d like nothing more than to take a bite out of the asshole. He had his chance and blew it. Now it was Dane’s turn and he was attracted to every single inch of Lara’s voluptuous body.

The moment he kisses her, he knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to her nor did he plan to ever let her go.


“Ever dance in the moonlight?” he asked.
She smiled, that dazzling white smile of hers that never failed to make his stomach knot up.
“No, I haven’t. Care to show me what it’s like, cowboy?”
He stood and held out his hand. “It would be my pleasure, darlin’.”
They walked out onto the patio. He flipped the switch on the radio and found the perfect slow country song to dance by.
She melted into his arms as they began to sway back and forth to the music.
“I love the way you smell,” he whispered in her ear.
She laughed. “You can thank my body wash for that.”
“No, it’s you. Your natural scent is beautiful. Every time you breeze through a room, I become hard as a rock by your smell alone. I wish I could bottle it and bathe in it every night.”
She sucked in a breath.
“Lara, you’re my prefect match in every way. You’re sweet and gentle and everything I ever dreamed of finding in a mate.”
He sighed as she sank deeper into his embrace. Her soft body molded his hard one and he wanted to sink into her.
Unable to wait another second, he picked her up. She squeaked. “Put me down before you throw your back out.”
He smacked her playfully on her ass. “What did I tell you about the weight issue? I’m a werewolf and a hell of a lot stronger than a regular human male. I could carry you for miles and not lose my breath. Besides, every woman should be carried off to bed when she’s about to make love.”
She buried her nose into his neck and his body was engulfed by desire.
“You make me feel beautiful,” she whispered against his throat.
“That’s because you are beautiful. The most beautiful woman on the planet.”

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A Taste Of Haven- The Alexander Wolves Book 1

A Taste of Haven smashwordsHaven Smith spends her days as a waitress at a diner but at night she’s on the hunt. Tracking down those who abuse helpless women and children, she makes them pay for their brutality.

 She fights until she’s exhausted, trying to quell the dark need living deep in her bones. She’s a wolf shifter who’s never shifted.

Her mother warned her long ago what terrible things would happen if she ever gave in the animal side of herself. Instead of shifting she uses her superior strength too help those weaker than herself.

She’s a loner and trusts no one except her best friend Fatima. Her tightly controlled existence is about to turned upside down  one night when it’s her that needs to be saved at the hands of a criminal that is just as strong as she is.

Adam Lawrence has been sent by his Alpha to find Haven. The vigilante she- wolf has a family and a past she’s knows nothing about and its up to Adam to show her who she really is. What he hadn’t counted on was wanting Haven more than anything. Adam will do what ever it takes to bring Haven back home to her family and to make her as his own.

“Do you always ask strangers to walk you home?” His smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. If she wasn’t a little tipsy she might have sworn she saw concern burning in his steely gaze. This was preposterous. This man didn’t know her at all, but she liked the look of him. She liked the way he looked at her even better. He’d come to her defense last night yet hadn’t taken advantage of that fact. Hell, he hadn’t even admitted he was there. Truthfully, everything about him was a total turn on, from the top of his light brown hair to the bottom of his shoes.
No one besides Harry and Fatima ever looked after her. She’d forbade Fatima to worry about her and since her friend knew what she was, it was easy enough for her to be more concerned with the females Haven brought into the shelter.
Leaning her chin on her hand, she reached out, touching the soft cotton of his shirt. “Actually I don’t. I guess you’re just lucky this evening.”

He didn’t respond to her touch, nor was he smiling anymore.

“Hey, forget it.” Haven hopped off the stool. “If you’re not interested I can deal with it.”
She beat it out of the bar, her face burning. What the hell was I thinking? The truth was, she’d never propositioned a man before and apparently she sucked at it. She headed out the door but didn’t make it two feet before she was caught from behind. She automatically swung her arm up, trying to break contact, but the grip on her remained firm.
Swinging her head around Haven sucked in a breath as she came face to face with Adam. He slowly backed her into a light post. “I never gave you an answer. You can’t make that kind of an offer to a man and then disappear into the night.”
Haven was momentarily knocked off kilter; she’d been unable to break his hold on her. Her mind was telling her to take a step back but her body was not listening to anything other than the erratic beat of her heart.
Adam’s thumb rose and stroked her chin, a small gesture that made her practically pant. Her hands curled around his biceps, squeezing hard. His muscles were rock hard and felt impenetrable. She gave an involuntary shiver when his thumb crossed her bottom lip in a feather-light caress.
“Your eyes are incredible.” She totally was out of her element. The deep timbre of his voice slid down her body and made her shiver. Her wolf was whining inside her. It wanted to bed this man in the worst kind of way and was losing patience.
He moved in closer and she met him halfway. His head lowered as he gave her the barest kiss along her lips. In that instant the dam broke and Haven buried her hand in his hair. His mouth came back down and crushed hers. She actually whined when his silky strands tickled her fingers. She gripped his hair tight in her fingers. It was as soft as she’d imagined and felt so good sliding through her hands.
His hands came around to cup her behind; his fingers dug deeply in her rounded ass. His tongue breathed new life into her. It was slick and moist and drew noises from her she’d never known she possessed.
Suddenly he yanked her up by her arms. “Wrap your legs around me and tell me where the hell your place is.”
Haven held onto his shoulders and jumped up, her steel-toed boots locked behind his back. “One block south, first building on the right.” His lips never left hers as he walked quickly to where she’d directed. His strength bled through her, and he was strong. Haven wasn’t a lightweight by any stretch of the imagination but Adam carried her as though she weighed no more than a feather.
“Christ I never would have guessed you tasted this good.”

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For the Love of Liberty- The Alexander Wolves Book 2

For the Love of Liberty 1

This 25,000 + Book contains a hot wolf shifter and the beautiful BBW that makes his temperature rise.

Blurb-Liberty Slater and her young son have been virtual prisoners of her father-in-law since her husband’s death. The only thing that has given her comfort is the wild wolf living in the woods behind her home. She can tell her wolf her hopes, dreams and fears.

But her wolf isn’t what he appears; he’s actually Damon Hix—a shifter sent by the half-brother she never knew about. He’s been sent to Virginia to bring her home.
When Damon reveals himself things get complicated, and what was supposed to be a snatch and grab changes the second he touches Liberty. He knows she belongs to him and him alone, no matter what it takes he will free Liberty from her father-in-law and show the curvy female exactly how beautiful and wanted she is.


He reached up and stroked her cheek. He couldn’t help it; the compulsion to touch her was unbearable. He hadn’t slept last night, consumed by the need to feel her.
She leaned into his touch, closing her eyes and rubbing her cheek against his palm.
He framed her face with both hands. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to touch you?”
“This is crazy. I don’t know you.” Still she didn’t move away, instead taking a step closer.
“You’re so wrong, Liberty. You know me. Instinctively, deep down, you know me.”
He brushed her lips, tasting her supple skin with light butterfly kisses. His tongue traced her bottom lip and she opened for him.
In that moment the dam burst and he attacked her mouth with a ferocity he’d never used when touching a woman. He pulled her hard into his body, kissing her over and over. Tasting her mouth, teasing her with his tongue. His hands drifted down, grabbing her plump ass as he ground against her.
“You taste better than I imagined,” he managed to whisper, only to kiss her more.
“God I want you.”
He sounded as desperate as he felt. She moved her hands up his shirt, sliding across his chest, her hunger as apparent as his own. Her thumbs slid across his nipples and he moaned deep.
“I have to have you now. Tell me yes,” he almost begged. He wasn’t thinking of anything other than being buried within her sweet body. It was crazy, irrational and he didn’t give a damn.

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A Bite of Justice- The Alexander Wolves Book 3

A Bite of Justice


Justice-the 3rd and final missing Alexander sister, has no idea she is a wolf shifter. She was adopted by human parents who had no clue to her lineage. She meets Jesse and for this lawyer, he proves irresistible with his bad boy looks. She’s had several dates with Jesse before he reveals not only that he’s a shifter but she is as well. She is confused, terrified and her faith in Jesse destroyed.

It’s Jesse’s job to bring  Justice home to the family she didn’t know she had. But there is a lot more to her coming home than a simple family reunion. Her oldest sister, Haven, is set to have a trial by the Light and Dark Fae to answer charges of killing a dark Fae Prince. Jesse must gain back Justice’s trust and as a lawyer she has to navigate a trial that doesn’t play by human rules.


Pulling up in her small driveway, he helped her off the Harley. Clasping her hand, they walked to the front door. She inserted her key and turned to face him, her mouth open ready to say something, but he didn’t give her the chance. Brushing his lips across her soft ones, she sighed into his mouth. A good sign she wanted him to continue.
He pushed her back against the door, his pelvis rubbing against her stomach while he kept spreading butterfly kisses along her mouth. His hands settled on her hips and he squeezed slightly before moving them up along her rib cage. His thumbs scraped along the undersides of her breasts; he turned his palms up and moaned as their heavy weight filled his palms.
Pulling back, he placed his forehead to hers. “Please tell me I won’t be going home hard again tonight.”
She arms looped around his neck. “Thank God you said that.”
Reaching behind her, he turned the knob and opened the door. He backed her in and kept on moving until they reached the couch. He turned and sat down pulling her into his lap. She straddled his thighs and smashed her lips against his. He pushed his tongue between, savoring the flavor of her sweet mouth. Damn! He’d never tasted a woman like her before.
His chest constricted as she sat up and removed her suit jacket, his mouth watered as her finger slipped the first button on her blouse through its hole. She continued on until the white blouse joined the jacket on the floor. Licking her lips, she pressed her finger and thumbs to the front closure and with a soft snap, it opened.

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A Wolf’s Desire

A Wolf's Desire

This 11,000 + word story contains a hot alpha wolf shifter and a curvy BBW that he loves.

Becky James is in trouble. She is barely holding onto her ranch and someone is stealing her livestock and killing her small animals. The creditors are on her back and she can’t see any way out. Max Timberwolf has the perfect solution. He proposes marriage, something that would work for both of them. She’d give him the family he wants and he’d help her save the ranch.

What she doesn’t know is that she is Max’s true mate, meant only for him and he’s going to claim her body, mind and soul. He loves her and is determined to find the criminal out to sabotage her homestead, then he can spend the rest of his life showing her exactly what it means to be a wolf’s mate. Scorching desire, want and need threaten to swallow them both but until the culprit is caught no one is safe.

“It’s going to work out,” he promised.
“I know with you on my side everything is going to be alright.”
He cupped her jaw and whispered kisses against her lips. She opened beneath him and he wasted no time in sweeping his tongue in her mouth. She moaned as he deepened the kiss further. She wasn’t how long they stood in the kitchen sipping from each other. Her body was on fire and when he trailed his hand down her back and squeezed her ass, she yelped.
“I love this ass. You were made to take me. I’ve known it for so long but didn’t want to scare you away. You’ve had so much on your mind and I never wanted to put any pressure on you. But damn sweet heart, you were made to be in my arms.”
“I can’t wait to be your wife,” she whispered against his lips. She moved her arms around his neck and pulled his body tight to hers. His impressive bulge bumped her belly and she hissed.
He hauled her up in his arms and deposited her on the counter. His large hands brought her shirt over her head. He looked at her breasts like a man starving and he wasted no time in pulling them from her bra. He palmed one and his mouth latched onto her other nipple.
He licked at it and bit it slightly sending electricity shooting down her body. She arched into him giving him better access to her breasts. He left one nipple and moved over to give the other one, giving it the same care and attention.
She managed to get her arm between them and unbuttoned his shirt. She pulled it off his shoulders and down his arms. His chest was a feast for her eyes. Wide shoulders and hard pecs beckoned her. She placed her hands on his torso, running them up and down his muscled frame. He was so hard against her skin and everywhere she touched he moaned. He let go of her nipple with a pop and tore at the button and zipper on her jeans.

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Spank Me Wild – A Club BBW Short


  Sophie has had it bad for her neighbor and best friend Todd Baxter for a long time. But she knows he’s out of her league. One night of too much wine, chocolate and old movies lead to a serious make-out session that he abruptly puts a halt to. Instead of finishing what they started, he asks her out on a date. They end up at Diamond, a night club that caters to curvy women and the men who love them. The surprises don’t stop there because Todd has another little secret. He enjoys spanking and is determined to give Sophie the night of her life and show her exactly what he likes.

This 7400+ word count contains adult content, hot sex, an ever hotter best friend and lots of spanking.

“Hey, wake up sleepy head. The movies over.” She turned and pressed his chest gently.
“Huh what?”
“I said the movie is over.”
“Okay.” He yawned. He grasped her shoulders, leaned in and kissed her. A sweet and gentle touch of his lips to hers. When she returned the caress he opened his mouth and moved his tongue deep into her mouth. He pushed her back against the cushions continuing the kiss. She kissed him back as fiercely as she could. He tasted like wine and pepperoni pizza and something else. He teased and tasted her over and over again. Flicking the tip of his tongue along her lips.
She didn’t know what had gotten into Todd but she wasn’t about to complain. The press of his lips to hers didn’t give way to thinking clearly. The only thing that came to mind was more. She wanted him naked and grinding her so bad… she grabbed the bottom of his shirt ready to yank it over his head.
“Stop.” He said gently holding her hand still. “We can’t do this.”
It would have been kinder to douse her in ice water. She felt her face burn and covered her mouth with her hand.
Todd sat up taking her hand. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s not that I don’t want to. Just not this way. We’ve both had too much to drink and you had an emotional hiccup today. There are things about me that you’re not privy to and when we make love I want you to be fully aware.”
His blue eyes no longer held the fog of sleep and he was gazing intently at her. He stroked her cheek. “Don’t look so shocked. Let me show you how much fun we can really have.”

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