Writing BBW Romance!!!!



‘Back when I was younger, my teens and 20’s, being a BBW wasn’t considered a good thing. The clothes sucked because apparently fashion designers just didn’t get the fact that us curvy girls liked to look just as good as any other women. It was a rough time being a plus sized women and you had to learn to accept yourself just as you were. My self-esteem grew leaps and bounds the older I got. Plus-sized stores popped up everywhere. Finally there were clothes that fit and weren’t made of polyester.

Now here we are in the 21rst century and wow have things come a long way in a fairly short amount of time. While the media is still focused on thin and perfect, there are plenty of sites that show you what pictures look like before and after retouching. THERE is ALOT of retouching going on out there. Some stars that you thought were flawless really have some of the same issues all women have. Ripples in their thighs, a tummy bump, lines around their eyes. And in a way I feel sorry for them. The pressure to fit in with society’s “ideal” must be unbearable at times.

I lost a significant amount of weight. I had to for my health. Things were difficult for me and i was in a lot of pain, all the time. The ironic thing is that I had more confidence as a plus-sized woman than I do now! I lost some of my curves and I miss them. My clothes fit funny and I know look like a board. It’s another lesson is the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

Since the explosion of ebooks, the genre’s available have grown to include everything under the sun. Before I wrote, I used to scour sites looking for stories about BBW’s. I was one and I wanted to read romances where women who looked like me, were loved by hot guys who swept them off their feet. I found a few and would read them until they fell apart. When erotic romances made their debut, BBW was included in their drop down menu’s. I gobbled them up as fast as I could.

When I started writing, it was important for me to write about BBW heroines. It’s who I was for the majority of my life. It’s what I identified with, and still do. I like to shatter the assumption that a plus-sized beauty can’t get a hot boyfriend (which has always been a bunch of B.S) It’s so much fun showing that BBW’s are sexy, sensual, gorgeous, femme fatale, smart, active, confident, and can take a man to places he’s never been before.

The standard of beauty has changed and now encompasses all women-regardless of size. But I will always write about BBW’s. Because when I look in the mirror, that’s who I see. And letting a love story unfold where the hero is so taken by one he can’t think of anything else is awesome.

I’ve always been told to write what I love and what I love are stories with wonderful curvy women and the men who’d move the world just to be with them.