More music!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. Between edits (which have to be finished in the next day or so) and my twins band commitments, I barely have enough time to keep up with the laundry and have dinner ready when everyone gets home and taking care of my mother two-days a week.  But I manage.  My kids first performance at the first football game of the years got rained out. But before they cleared the stands the kids were having a blast. I’d forgotten how fun going to the games were and am so happy they are going to the same school that I graduated from.

The really good news is that I have three new romance story ideas as well as an urban fantasy book I’ve started. I will probably publish that under a different pen name. It’s easier if you write in more than one Nora Roberts/J.D Robb. I love writing erotic romance but I want to do that and more. I’ve been toying with the straight urban fantasy for a while now. Every time I read Larissa Ione, Sherrilynn Kenyon or Laurell K Hamilton, I feel such a strong pull to write like stories. If I thought about it, I’d probably get worked up but I’ve adopted the one day at a time attitude and so I don’t allow my mind to wander.

The best news I’ve gotten this week is that a very dear friend of mine that I haven’t seen in 20 yrs is coming back to Michigan from Cali on Friday. I’ve missed him so much over the years and my closest friends are getting together for a BBQ and it is going to be so much fucking fun!!!!!!!!!!!

So today my music choices are dedicated to Kelly Guy. We’ve all been through a lot, experienced a lot and partied very hard. We’ve all reached the age where we no longer have little kids, we’re settled and living normal lives. So KG these are for you. There are so many songs from back then but these are a few!



A Million Miles Away

Retro Movie Review: VALLEY GIRLValley Girl on AllMoviehypercolor archetype of 80s teen fashion, Valley Girl ‘s costumes ...Valley Girl trailer (1983)

Valley Girl. It was one of the first movies that I connected with as a teen. What could be better? A good girl falls for the bad boy. I understood the kids in this movie. I grew up where there were differences in class, in money. As we aged, I remained friends with some and parted ways with others.

A young Nick Cage, as a club kid, who wore dark clothes and colored his hair…YUMMY.  He didn’t give a shit and he exuded sexy, self-confidence. Unlike the Valley pricks of the movie. The polo wearing, collar up, pretty boys who were cocky, conceited and pretty much lying Dicks, who tried to be the tough and push everyone else around. I didn’t like those guys then and I really don’t like them now, because they do NOT grow out of it…ever. They carry that privilege and dumbassery into adulthood. I suppose it’s why I really didn’t date anyone around my age….Quite frankly, guys within a couple of years of me were and remain selfish, narcissistic assholes. who think entirely too much of themselves. So I tended to date either a little younger or a little older. Something about those preppy jocks in the early 80’s has always left a sour taste in my mouth.

But then there were the “Randy’s” The burgeoning punk rockers, the burn out boys, the guys on the “edge” that looking back today, were probably pretty tame. But to a 15 yr old girl they were the bomb.

I remember the drama club taking a play up to MSU and there were several schools from all over Michigan attending. I ended up meeting this boy ,we all called him Sid because he looked so much like the famous punk guitarist of the Sex Pistols. He had his nose pierced, which is no big deal in 2014. But in 1984 it was so different, so fucking cool. He had a lovely black mohawk and pale skin and I was smitten then entire weekend.

It’s these  kinds of bad boys that fuel our love for them as adult women. That little bit of danger and a lot of naughty. That fantasy of doing something out of the norm, against the rules and what polite society deems as normal. I think we’re all attracted to that little bit of bad. It adds a little spice, a little something extra. Safe is so B-O-R-I-N-G. There is no spark, no thrill and no anticipation. Writing a bad boy and reading about them give us s little bits of what we may not have in our life but would so love to.

Everyone is capable of being a little bad. The point is are you comfortable, confident enough to let the bad out? Do you have that kind of passion and curiosity? You’re born with it, you can’t be taught.

I’m a 40ish, mom of 3 high school kids but I could never be content behaving like a stepford mother. The thought makes me shiver. I have nothing against people who are, I mean I don’t have to live their lives so I’m not going to judge them….well ,okay, that’s not quiet true…I sorta make fun of them… a little. I wonder if they live exciting lives. Not fancy parties or exotic vacations. But I wonder if they have boring regular sex or are they totally nympho’s. Would a vibrator send them running from the room…lol.

My money’s on the first one but I bet they think they are of second variety-Of course I’ve talked to people who have 2 go to positions and an occasional , shall we say give an oral exam though they really don’t like it. I know people who think beyond that, everything else is yucky and I actually laugh.

No one can be that uptight without a reason-right? Talk about a cold place to be…

I don’t ever want to be boring. I’d rather appear less like a prim and proper lady and more like a female who likes to have fun.

In the end , I write bad boys because I like bad boys. I like the excitement, the anticipation, the surprise of what will happen next. I like that each day is different and it’s okay that I wear worn denim and tight shirts-HEY nothing’s popping out- and my black converse. I like my tatts and my piercings and I listen to my music louder than my kids do.

That I write Erotic Romance and I’m Damn proud to do so. And if you have the balls to give me one of your icy stares or disgusted eye roll then I won[‘t have any problem giving you the single fingered salute and tell you what I really think about your tight-assed opinions.

Because in the end Julie dumped her “Jock” when she finally woke up and realized she didn’t want to be like the people who lived in the valley. She wanted more and when she chose Randy (the bad boy) she chose more.

And if you’re so inclined here is the soundtrack for Valley Girl- which every 80’s girl should own.

Payola$ – Eyes Of A Stranger

Plimsouls – Million Miles Away   

I Melt With You

Valley Girl – I La La La Love You

Valley Girl – Eaten by the Monster of Love

Bonnie Hayes – Shelley’s Boyfriend

Josie Cotton – Johnny Are You Queer (totally Not PC)

The Flirts – Jukebox (Don’t Put Another Dime) Stereo

“girls like me” :: páll rokk

She Talks in Stereo Gary Myrick and The Figures

Sparks – Angst in My Pants

The Plimsouls – Oldest Story In The World – 1983





Happy Birthday JT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Taylor, Duran DuranJohn Taylor (Duran Duran) JohnDuran Duran Live @ The ACCJohn Taylor (Duran Duran) JohnJohn Taylor (Duran Duran)...♥John Taylor (Duran Duran) John      Happy Birthday John Taylor!

No, I haven’t lost my mind. I was a teenager in the early 80’s. At the height of my hormones changing when I turned on my radio and heard Hungry Like the Wolf. I was immediately hooked and went and bought the album (some of you will remember our beloved vinyl records) the next day.

That turned into a life long love for Duran Duran. There are so many memories attached to this band. I met so many friends, brought together because we listened to them. I met my friend John in 11th grade because he was wearing DD buttons on his jacket in the lunch line.

We had DD themed pajama parties and celebrated the members birthdays. My friends and I slept in a car over night in the dead of winter to get tickets to one of their shows.

My first concert at the age of 15 was DD. My best friend’s dad took us and the next day at school we had no voices because we had screamed so loud the night before.

It was the dawn of MTV…(For those who don’t know- MTV used to play nothing but music videos-not the crap they have on now) Those first DD videos were like mini-movies, shot in exotic locations. They were the end all be all of my youth and started my love for music) The last “Boy band” to play their own instruments. Though I only use the term “boy band” because of the female following they had. Every girl wanted to marry one of them, every boy SECRETLY wanted to be them even if they’d never fess up to it. They were sophisticated for their young age, more mature. They were into art and Andy Warhol, James Bond and that type of life. It was so different from what I was used to in the United States. That kind of life was mysterious and intriguing to a teenager and I wanted nothing more than to move to London when I grew up and marry a proper Englishman. I was fascinated with everything English. They were so different than we were. Even wealthy Americans were and I think still are rougher-maybe because of the history of the country. I’m not sure….but I’m still intrigued by the place and my daughter has caught the bug and talks about moving to London now…lol…Maybe it’s just in our blood.

I’m so damn happy I was too old by the time New Kids on the Block came around and all the others after it. Okay I’ll give it up to Justin Timberlake because he is sooo kool…hot…sweet…let’s face it, he grew up into a fine male and his solo music is fabulous!

We all had our favorites and mine was John. Tall, slim, that square jaw and brown eyes. I’m swooning here just thinking about it. Even today after I’ve grown older I find him just as sexy and as attractive maybe even more.

Everyone had there one perfect, ideal I’d do them/run off with them no matter when or where and for me it’s always been and always will be the original JT.

I will always see DD when they come to town. Always buy their new music. Always watch their videos with the same excitement as I did when I was young. I used to write about meeting them. My first foray into writing love stories I suppose…lol.

I will always feel like I’m transported back to 1984, at Cobo Arena in Detroit, in the upper balcony with Tina by my side, screaming so loud that I lose my voice. JT and the band remind me of the best times in my life, where anything was possible. The realities of the world seemed far away and if we wanted it bad enough, good things would happen as long as we believed.