Music to write by

I love music. I’ve said it many times before and will probably say it over and over again when I blog about it. To me music is the most powerful segment of art. We listen to it to change ours mood, to celebrate, to mourn, to express anger. I’ve passed along my love for it to my kids who enjoy it as much as I do. In a household of 5 there is a wide variety of music to choose from and I love it.

My favorite thing to do is go see a live show. As many as I can in fact. I love the atmosphere at a concert. Watching people from all walks of life come together and celebrate their favorite bands/artists. I love the music, singing loudly along with the crowd. The air is electric and you can feel it all over you’re body. I’veĀ  seen so many acts over the last 30 years and plan to see many more to come.

Music plays a large part in my writing. The louder the better. It sets the tone of a book or a scene and can help drive you or inspire you when you become stuck. I don’t listen to sappy, slow stuff, even when I’m writing sex scenes. I prefer harder stuff, something primal and raw. The hard beats and driving rhythm do more for me than anything that vomits all the wonders of love. No, give me the darker, harder stuff- it changes the dynamic of sex scenes and makes them more gut wrenching and powerful…I’ll post more…but for now enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a couple of my automatic go to’s.

ShineDown- Sound of Madness

30 Seconds to Mars- The Kill

Whitesnake-Judgement Day