A Reason to Celebrate

It’s no state secret that I have HATED the month of June for the last few yrs. My medical & personal issues all came to a head back in 2012 starting June 1rst.  Since I’ve always been depressed from June 1st until the month ended.

But not this year! This June- even only 2 days in- has brought more joy then I could ever imagine. My oldest son lost his way a little bit last year. It wasn’t entirely his fault. He’s seen things no kid should. His difficulties with school made me worry about what life would bring him. His love of street racing terrifies me every time I think he’s heading to Detroit.

My deepest wish though has been granted. My baby boy was offered a job with Chrysler. The DH works for them as well, but my boy didn’t get in because of DAD. He filled out an app online, and called human resources about job openings. For my son this is the opportunity of a life time. One where he could go into a skilled trades apprenticeship and have the chance to live a comfortable life if he’s smart about it- unlike his mom…lol.

He’s one of the maturest 19 yrs old with the exception of his fascination with fast cars, which has put more than 1 wrinkle on my face. But he’s very private about most things. As mom I drive him crazy because I want to know where he is. He thinks I’m being too motherly. I can’t help it, he’s my first-born. He was planned, wanted and I loved him the second they laid him on my tummy.

If the rest of my month continues like this, I will be in 7th heaven.

The Twins will turn 16 next week. The time has flown by so fast and in 2 short yrs they will be off to college. I’ve been blessed, and humbled by my children. They love me, are crazy protective of me and I think worry about me as much as I worry about them. It’s a good thing. Half my DNA resides in them and so far it’s been the good part.

I’m celebrating Trevor’s accomplishment. I had nothing to do with it and I couldn’t be more proud of the direction he has been making to secure his future without Mom and Dad.

Sometimes life throws you something that makes everything worth the effort.