Lucy’s taken over the blog today!

I kicked Sierra off line for the rest of the day. Her ADHD is taking hold of her and she gets distracted way to easy. She totally needs to mellow but she won’t For some fucked up reason she likes to be on edge and that is NOT a good place for her to be. Yeah, she can write like the devil when she’s there but she gets all forgetful and shit. But whatever I’m not her keeper.

She’s letting me help out on the sex stuff. Woo-hoo cause I have ALOT of stories to tell her. Of course when I start she gets this little grin like she’s heard it before. I’ve got a feeling she has some secrets of her own but she ain’t talking.

She finally has a title for her funny little werewolf story- Driving Him Crazy- Thanks to an old friend who helped out with it.

Personally I wanna see where she goes with her NA book. She’s writing under a new pen name for that and I have to keep it a secret which is stupid but I she says she’s going for a younger audience and shit and doesn’t want to cross her adult stuff with the NA stuff. I’ve argued with her about it. I tell her that people who read NA are sophisticated enough to read it but she ain’t buying it so I gave up.

That’s all I got…Time to get her motivated to work today…It’s 5k or bust…I’m gonna make her write until the screen blurs……..Later



The Year in Review and What’s Coming Next

What a year it was! I thought 2012 was a humdinger that was a piece of cake compared to 2013. Well let me take that back. 2013 was the year of acceptance! Undeniable acceptance.

I had to accept that I was a foolish woman and had been for many years. I had to accept that I had been lied to on a level that I never thought a person could lie before and for such a long time. You never want to accept that kind of thing because it calls into question your ability to judge people.

I thought I was a pretty good judge of character. Boy was I proved wrong. In fact I totally suck at it. You have to choose your friends wisely because there are people out there who will fuck you over and never once look back. I’ve never enjoyed being made an ass of. It’s the worst feeling being thought of as a joke to others. It rips at your self-confidence and makes you question every choice you’ve ever made.

I have a best friend. She is the epitome of a strong woman. She knows who she is. She knows what she wants and doesn’t allow anyone to make her feel like a fool. If they don’t like her, she doesn’t give a damn. It’s their loss.

I admire this about her. She’s always been like this and at times I’ve been jealous of her ability feel this way. In truth I want to be like her when I grow up. I know other women who also feel this way and I get along great with them.

I use their traits in a lot of my strong female characters. I thought I’d lost this about myself but I realize I didn’t lose it. Instead I focused on something I had no control over and let it define me. I allowed it to shape me. Instead of taking control, shaking it off and say “Whatever.” Lesson learned I got mired down in the poor me syndrome and the feeling like a damn fool because I know better.

The best part is that I’ve realized that being made a fool of only helps you grow. It make me a better person. A better friend and a better writer.I’ve gotten more written in the past two weeks than I have since the end of September- which is really a dumb move becuase I had a really really good year with the writing…lol…

I’m working on a couple of really fun things right now.

The first is a New Velvet Ice story with my writing partner VJ Summers- Yes we are going to take a peak inside Detroit’s favorite BDSM Club- this time with Mistress Violet and a newbie named James. I can’t wait to get this one out.

I’m working on the edits for Egyptian Need, the second in the Bastet’s Warriors Series.

I’m working on a funny paranormal- Driving him Crazy- Petra is a smart mouth flower shop owner and Jack is her wealthy landlord. She’s finding it hard to come up with the rent and he’s finding it more difficult to evict her.

The other is a darker paranormal The series is Wolf Freedom- Wolf Unchained- The werewolves have been freed from the government run camps for a year and it isn’t going over well. There are so many secrets and lies concerning the treatment of the werewolves that certain sects of the government want kept quiet. When Tess- a human- is hired by Grant- the Alpha of the werewolves she is shocked to learn about what happened to him and his people. Now she has to deal with the press and the public concerning the wolves. But there are others out there. Waiting in the shadows. Determined to get the wolves back into the camps or kill them which ever comes first. Everyone is in danger especially the fragile human woman who is determined that the world knows exactly the horrors the wolves suffered at the hands of the government who was sworn to protect them.